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What Do I Do If My Insurance Company Commits Bad Faith?

As experienced San Francisco insurance lawyers, this is one of the most common questions we hear. What can you do if your insurance company commits bad faith? Below, we discuss five important steps to take if you believe your insurance company has committed bad faith against you.

5 Steps to Take After Your Insurance Company Commits Bad Faith

Bad faith can occur in any type of insurance claim. Some of the most common types of bad faith insurance claims we handle include:

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Property insurance

If you believe your insurance company has committed bad faith against you, we recommend that you speak with an experienced lawyer about your situation. One of our San Francisco insurance lawyers can answer your questions and help you with the following steps:

Step #1: Read and Understand Your Insurance Policy

The first thing you should do is carefully read over your insurance policy. You want to make sure that the coverage your claim is requesting is actually covered. Your insurance policy will cover exemptions and exceptions within the fine print.

Our bad faith insurance lawyers understand that insurance policies are long and complex documents. We can help you review your contract to discover whether you made a legitimate claim. We can also help you determine your rights under the law.

Step #2: Document All Communication With Your Insurance Company

The most important thing you can do if you feel as though your insurance company is acting in bad faith is to fully document all communications with them. Keep a detailed record of all correspondences. This will enable you to provide proof of your good faith efforts to resolve any issues.

Keep detailed records of who you talked to, when you talked to them and what was said. You should also gather and organize any documents about the policy or potential claim. These documents may include:

  • Pictures of the accident
  • Repair estimates
  • Purchase receipts
  • Other related documentation

Step #3: Appeal the Insurance Claim Denial

Insurance adjusters must follow strict procedural rules. Claim denials can be reviewed by supervisors, though it often takes effort to move up the managerial chain of command before getting a fair review of your claim.

Our insurance bad faith lawyers can guide you through the appeals process. We can make sure you file in time and help you gather what you need to file a strong appeal.

Step #4: Send Your Insurance Company a Demand Letter

Let your insurance company know that you do not accept their decision to deny your claim. You can also use a demand letter to inform your insurance company that you will file an insurance bad faith claim against them if they do not resolve the situation.

Step #5: File an Insurance Bad Faith Complaint Against Your Insurance Company

If your insurance company fails to resolve your claim after you send a demand letter, you can file an official complaint against them. We recommend that you have an experienced bad faith attorney on your side during this step. Even if you are confident that your case is solid, we can make sure that your claim is filed properly. You want to build the strongest claim possible to have the best chance of obtaining a favorable decision.

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