Disability Insurance paperwork

Why Would a Disability Claim Be Denied?

There are many reasons why an insurance company could deny your disability claim. The most common reason is that you lack sufficient medical evidence proving your disability. Other common reasons for denying a disability claim include:

  • Improperly completed claim forms
  • Failure to comply with an independent medical examination
  • Being uncooperative during the application process
  • Not following your doctor’s prescribed treatment

Insurance companies must act in good faith under the law. This includes engaging in fair claims practices. However, insurance companies want to make as much profit as possible. They may choose to deny your valid disability claim. They may also choose to pay a lower amount than what your claim is worth. If this is the case, then you should consult with a San Francisco disability benefits attorney. He or she can help you appeal your disability claim denial. Additionally, you may have the option of filing a California bad faith lawsuit.

What Percentage of Disability Appeals Are Approved?

Only a small percentage of disability appeals (around 10-15 percent) result in an approval. If the insurance company denied your disability appeal, then you should consult with an experienced attorney immediately. He or she will know the laws in California about bad faith insurance practices. You may discover that you have the option of filing a California bad faith lawsuit.

How Do I Sue an Insurance Company for Bad Faith?

Are you looking to file a California bad faith insurance lawsuit? If so, then it is important to know which type of insurance policy you have. Most people receive disability insurance through an employee group disability plan. In this case, you will need to exhaust the appeals process before suing your insurer for bad faith.

However, you may receive disability insurance through an individual plan. In this case, you may have more options available to you. A San Jose disability benefits lawyer can review your individual policy to determine the best path forward for your case. He or she can help you through each phase of your bad faith insurance claim in California. This includes launching an investigation into your claim. It also includes negotiating with the insurance company and engaging in litigation efforts when necessary.

Contact Our San Francisco Disability Benefits Attorneys

Was your disability claim appeal denied? Do you believe your insurer acted in bad faith? If so, then you could receive a number of potential remedies. This includes the benefits owed to you under your policy plus interest. However, it could also include a number of other bad faith damages. Our San Francisco disability benefits attorneys can review your situation to determine which remedies are available for your particular case.

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