Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Affect My Long Term Disability Benefits?

Collecting long term disability benefits is never easy. Yet, the recent coronavirus outbreak in San Francisco and across the country has made it even more challenging. Are you wondering what will happen to your benefits during this global pandemic? Are you concerned that you will not meet the insurance company’s deadlines? Are you worried you will not have time to appeal a denial? During this uncertain time, disabled individuals need help now more than ever. The status of your LTD benefits is up in the air at a time when receiving those benefits is more important than ever. That is why you need an experienced disability insurance attorney on your side. Your attorney can look out for your rights during this pandemic and beyond.

The Coronavirus and Long Term Disability Benefits

The coronavirus, also called COVID-19, is raging across the country. To slow the spread of this virus, businesses and companies have closed. Major disability insurance companies are no exception. Many of their employees now work from home. This has resulted in some disruptions to their efficiency and productivity. As a result, you may not collect the benefits you need.

If you have concerns about how the coronavirus will impact your long-term disability benefits, there are things you can do. First, consult with your own LTD insurance carrier. Many insurers recently updated their websites. These sites now contain valuable information on the coronavirus and its impact on their claims process. Receiving Disability Benefits Claim Payments

The coronavirus should not impact your insurer’s financial ability to meet benefit claim payments. Most companies rely on automated payments to deliver benefits to recipients. As such, this process should remain unchanged during this time. Many insurers vowed to maintain continuous operations during this pandemic. This starts with continuing automatic payments.

Disability Claims Processing

New claims might see a delay in processing during this time. Even though insurers and their employees have remote work set-ups in place, you could see longer wait times. Disability claims administrations often rely on active personnel participation. As such, approving or denying claims may take longer than usual.

Completing Forms for Insurers

If you have forms to complete for your insurer, such as a medical record or follow-up, do not worry. Many physician’s offices are only accepting emergency cases. Dealing with disability paperwork does not qualify as an emergency. If you received forms in recent weeks, it is important to speak to an experienced disability insurance attorney. Your attorney can request the necessary extensions you need to complete the forms. You may need a significant extension of 90 days to get through this pandemic.

Contact a Disability Insurance Attorney in California

At the DL Law Group, our San Francisco disability insurance lawyers are here for you during this difficult time. We know that the coronavirus pandemic impacts everyone, but especially those with disabilities. You may not receive your long term disability benefits when you need them. If you find your claim denied or have trouble collecting LTD benefits, we can help. Call us at (888) 910-3980 or fill out our confidential contact form for more information. We offer free consultations and can meet with you remotely during this time.