San Francisco Attorneys: Blue Cross Blue Shield Claim Denial

San Francisco Health Insurance LawyersBlue Cross and Blue Shield are some of the largest insurance providers in the United States. Millions of people trust these health plans to provide for their health care needs. But when Blue Cross or Blue Shield unfairly denies a claim, or refuses to live up to its contractual obligations, policyholders may not know where to turn.

DL Law Group in San Francisco, California, represents Blue Cross and Blue Shield policyholders in claims for denied medical care and treatment. If your insurance policy has been canceled, or care denied by Blue Cross or Blue Shield, or if you have experienced another example of insurance bad practices by this company, contact us to discuss your case.

Claims Against Blue Cross Blue Shield

As a policyholder, you trusted Blue Cross and Blue Shield to act in good faith and provide coverage when faced with illness or disability. But if Blue Cross or Blue Shield unfairly denied your claim, ignored important medical information, consulted the opinion of a doctor who did not treat you, or otherwise acted in bad faith, we can help you pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

Our attorneys have the skills and experience to go up against large insurance companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield. We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements on behalf of clients in medical claim denials and other cases.

DL Law Group is experienced in handling complex claims against other large insurance companies, including Prudential and UnumProvident.

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