Prudential Denied Disability Benefits

San Francisco Health Insurance LawyersPrudential Insurance Company offers a variety of insurance coverage products, including life insurance, car insurance, and long-term care insurance. Consumers in the United States and around the world have come to trust Prudential to provide for them when unforeseen or catastrophic events occur.

But the truth is, insurance companies like Prudential are making a large profit off of policyholders just like you. They deny legitimate claims. They delay claims unreasonably and in bad faith. And they often pay out insurance claims that are far less than what they are worth.

Prudential Denied Disability Benefits

If your claim has been unfairly denied or handled by Prudential, or if you have experienced any other example of insurance bad faith by this company, you should speak to an experienced attorney from our firm. We have significant experience handling claims against insurance companies on behalf of clients whose claims have been improperly handled. Examples of this conduct may include:

  • Misrepresenting medical records
  • Cherry picking information that supports a claim denial and ignoring information that points to a disability
  • Favoring the opinion of medical professionals who have never seen the insured
  • Using the opinions of doctors who are biased against the insured
  • Ignoring multiple conditions
  • Disregarding pain as a symptom

DL Law Group is experienced in handling complex claims against large insurance companies, including UnumProvident and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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