Resolving Delayed Or Denied Life Insurance Claims In California

San Francisco Bay Area Life Insurance LawyersPeople buy life insurance to protect and provide for their loved ones in the event that they are not able to do so themselves. Essentially, this type of insurance covers the economic loss caused by the death of the insured and may pay for things such as funeral expenses, mortgages and college tuition. When grieving the death of someone you love, the last thing you need is to see your life insurance claim unfairly denied or delayed.

At the DL Law Group, we represent life insurance beneficiaries whose claims are being delayed, denied or disputed by insurance companies. Our lawyers have 30 years of collective legal experience handling even the most complex life insurance disputes. Recognizing that this is a difficult time for you and your family, we are compassionate with you and aggressive on your behalf.

Our San Francisco Life Insurance Lawyers Help With Denied Claims

Insurance companies will look for any excuse to delay or deny a claim. Among their reasons given for failing to honor their promise to provide benefits are:

  • The decedent’s coverage had lapsed
  • The decedent committed fraud or misrepresented himself or herself
  • The policy was retroactively cancelled
  • Technicalities or exclusions canceled the delivery of the proceeds
  • The insurance application was deceptively worded

Insurers are notorious for challenging beneficiaries and the cause of death. We know the tricks they use to escape liability. As your legal advocates, we will stand up for your rights and help you obtain the benefits for which your loved one has already paid. Call (415) 678-5050 to schedule a free consultation with our San Francisco Bay area life insurance attorneys.

Incontestability Clause

All life insurance policies in California contain a two-year incontestability clause which states that an insurance company cannot void a policy for any misrepresentations the insured made on his or her insurance application after the two year period is over. For trusted answers to your questions related to incontestability clauses, speak with our insurance law experts.

With You in Your Time of Need

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough. Let us fight the insurance battle for you while you and your family concentrate on what is most important — grieving. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

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