Helping California Policyholders Enforce Coverage Rights

San Francisco Bay Area Property Insurance AttorneyFor many individuals, their house is the largest investment they ever make. They purchase property insurance with the expectation that if they encounter certain problems with the home, the covered damages will be paid for by the insurance company. Unfortunately, insurers sometimes fail to hold up their end of the insurance contract by denying or significantly underpaying on legitimate homeowner claims.

If your insurance company is not honoring its commitment to you under your policy, the DL Law Group can help. Our attorneys have 30 years of collective experience helping homeowners collect the benefits for which they have already paid. We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements against the nation’s largest and most powerful insurance companies. Use our experience to your advantage.

Do You Need an Insurance Attorney in San Francisco?

Our lawyers have assisted clients in the San Francisco Bay area with a range of property insurance disputes. We have extensive experience with problems resulting from:

  • Inadequate policy limits
  • Exclusions that defeat expectations
  • Low estimates and settlement offers
  • Insurers discouraging claimants from hiring professional help
  • Unreasonable delay in payment
  • Untrained and corrupt insurance adjusters
  • Improper depreciation and holdbacks
  • Refusal to pay for like kind and quality
  • Refusal to pay to restore property to uniform appearance
  • Refusal to advance funds to pay for overhead and process costs, which contractors demand
  • Insurance agent fraud
  • Adjuster unfairly denying claims

While insurance companies market themselves as friendly and helpful, the truth is they make money by not paying claims. They have a vested interest in denying your claim or minimizing the amount they pay you. If you file a claim, they may even chose to not review your policy.

Committed to helping homeowners seek justice, our San Francisco Bay area property insurance attorneys will thoroughly review your policy and build a solid case against the insurance company. Whether your case involves damage due to fire, storm, water or another problem, we will aggressively pursue the benefits you deserve.

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